3 Laundry bags

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We have just moved into our new flat and one of the things I didn’t bring with us was our laundry basket. Instead I found this wonderful tutorial from // Between the lines // on how to make hanging laundry bags. I have tried it out and I am liking the result. We have been using them for a couple of weeks now and they work well. I made three different ones. One for white clothes, one for black clothes and one for coloured clothes.


Here are a couple of pictures of the process. If you want to make something similar I urge you to go and have a look at the tutorial – its really easy to understand.


Cutting out the parts for the hanger


Attaching the hanger part to the french seam drawstring bag (see tutorial here – also by // Between the lines //) – this one is for the coloured clothes.


Here’s how it looks from the back with the opening.

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  1. The String Empire

    Ah these remind me of my childhood for some reason. I think my mother may have made something similiar.

  2. […] I am just going to show you one of the projects I have been working on recently. I have been making laundry bags for the new flat and you can see them over on Grey Duckling. I am very pleased with them and thinking of putting them on my to-make for Christmas presents […]