A Bulldog and a free pattern for you

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For my husbands birthday I decided to knit him his own dog. We are both a fan of English Bulldogs so this became the dog of choice. I had just reviewed the wonderful book ‘Best in Show’ on Historic Crafts and used their pattern for my project. You can read my review from back then below. The other day I got a wonderful email from the publishers telling me that they now have a website for the book: knityourowndog.com and for the launch and coincide with the Royal wedding here in the UK they are giving away a free pattern for you to knit your own Royal Corgi dog. Go on – it’s actually quite a fun challenge.

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Best in Show: knit your own dog
by Sally Muir & Joanna Osborne, 2010
Collins & Brown

This book is mainly a bit of fun. All knitting doesn’t have to be sweaters and socks as we see here. Why not knit your own dog instead! Sally and Joanna will show you how you do it.
Divided into the breeds of dog there is a pattern for every dog lover. Whether your thing is a utility dog like the Dalmatians or a gun dog like the Labrador, there is something for everyone. Or as the authors suggest, you can also create your own mongrel. Mix the body parts of a Labrador with those of a poodle and get a Labradoodle.
I have always had a thing for English Bulldogs I made this my next project. The thing is, I have been making handmade presents for my husband’s birthday this year. But alas, I already told him about most of them. So this bulldog will be the only surprise.
You can see the finished project on Ravelry (you will need to login to Ravelry). I found it very fun to knit in my own plied, recycled sweater yarn. But I must admit that I am not too impressed with the sewing up instructions. They were quite confusing. On the other hand the bulldog does seem like one of the most confusing dogs in terms of sewing because of the nose. So maybe if I had chosen another dog I wouldn’t have had this problem.

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    “A Bulldog and a free pattern for you” ended up being a pretty awesome article, .
    I hope you keep authoring and I’ll keep reading! Thanks for your time -Hayley

  2. Sarah

    Hi Eddie, I’ve just finished my Bulldog apart from the head! I cannot, for the life of me, fathom how to construct his nose! Do you have any advice or easy instructions?? 🙂

    • Eddie

      Hi Sarah,
      I am sorry that you have to go through the same troubles as me with this pattern. It’s a lovely pattern except for the bit on how to construct the nose. I don’t really have any advice to give other that to look at the pictures in the book and try to put it together so that it looks as much like that as possible. Sorry that I can’t be more help. I hope you figure it out and I would love to see the finished bulldog.