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I have been working for Aarhus University and Skanderborg Museum the last 2 weeks at the Alken Enge research excavation close to Skanderborg. Let me just quote from the English version of Skanderborg Museum’s website about the project (my first task was to translate this):

“The unique discovery at the east end of Lake Mossø, of a sacrificed army from around 1 CE, was reported in the world press in 2009. Archaeologists had found evidence of the discovery of skeletal material from up to 200 warriors. C-14 dating showed that the sacrificed individuals may have come from the same battle. Archaeologists and other professionals now need to clarify as much as possible about the area and the events that led to the sacrifice of several hundred warriors.” (Skanderborg Museum)

It is indeed a unique discovery and I am very excited to be a part of the current project. I conducted one of the weekly tours of the site both this and last Thursday with over 100 visitors and a dog at the last one. The dog got in the news and so did my tour at Horsens Folkeblad.

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The photo I am showing in the article is the one from archaeologist Harald Andersen’s excavation from 1957. The photo is more clear here on Skanderborg Museum’s website.

Photo Skanderborg Museum

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