All the best knitted sock calculators

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Socks, socks, socks and all the maths that goes behind it. While working on my own sock calculator I became very curious about other sock calculators out there, and there are loads! OK, maybe not loads, but quite a few. At first I thought – oh no, does the internet really need another sock calculator. Yes it does! So far I haven’t found any sock calculator exactly like mine and I had great fun making it. It was a chance for me to practice a lot of different things such as knitting design, making videos and building a WordPress plugin.
However, you may find that my sock calculator doesn’t work for the type of socks you like to make. So here I am going to link to all the sock calculators I can find out there. Take a pick!

First is my own Super Sock Calculator, so you can see how they will be listed.

Toe-up socks with short-row heel

  1. Super Sock Calculator on Eddie’s Room (Uses Judy’s magic toe-up cast-on and shadow-wrap short-row heels)

The internet is living and changeable and so is this post. Please help me gather links here below and I will add them to the appropriate lists.
Note that this is not a link party/carnival and I won’t be using images from the linked websites or in other way infringing on their copyright, so please feel free to add a link to any website you like. I simply want to create a resource/bibliography for knitted sock calculators. Please add a link in the comments but be aware that I do approve comments on this site.

2 Responses

  1. Knitty Gritty

    roued – don't know if youve seen some of the misuse of the link table but I'm fairly sure 'video teen' is not going to be a link to a sock site :-/ (thanks for your calculator btw)

    • Eddie

      Thank you for making me aware. I have disabled it not – so sad. I’m glad you enjoy the SSC.