April Knitting

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Knitting in April sure was influenced by digital technology. I did my first knitting instruction videos of Youtube and it was so much fun.

I did a few basic ones such as the decreases: k2tog (right slanting), ssk (left slanting), s2kp (centered) and the increases: 3into1, 9into3, YO.

Then I did a few more complex ones such as using Judy’s magic cast-on for toe-up socks for a garter tab cast-on for triangular shawls instead.

Jeg har også lavet en dansk version af disse videoer (de er ikke alle oppe endnu). Ideen her er lidt anderledes end med de engelske videoer. Disse forklarer nemlig både hvordan man laver en bestemt teknik på dansk, samtidig med at de forklarer hvad denne teknik hedder på engelsk. Her er et eksempel på slå om = yarn over.

But not only has April been the beginning of my Youtube channel for instructional videos (I am hoping to do videos on much more than just knitting) it has also been the month for knit calculations and programming. I finally got around to finish off this sock calculator, I have been going on about for ages now! Check it out. The Super Sock Calculator was also featured on Craft Gossip. Thank you for that. Also thank you to the lovely knitters who have said that they would try and test knit the pattern. I’m sure I will have more to tell you about this at a later time.

I have also been working on videos for this calculator. They are not edited yet though. I went to my local yarn shop /LYS (with cafe), Die Mercerie to do some of the filming because this is where the yarn was bought. The socks use Koigu Painter’s Palette Premium Merino (KPPPM) yarn and 3mm needles. Check out the project on Ravelry! If you are coming to the Munich area and you love yarn, I would recommend a visit to Die Mercerie. Even if it is just for a cup of coffee/tea while surrounded by yarn.

Knitting socks at Die Mercerie, by Eddie's Room, roued.com


When all these calculations and instructions have been too much I have continued to knit round and round on the Paper Dolls by Kate Davies blouse.

Paper Dolls blouse by Eddie's Room, roued.com

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xx Eddie

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