Baby Thrift

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Now that I have announced that I am pregnant its also time to show you the great things I have thrifted from different charity shops already, trying to collect baby clothes and such.

Danish Wool top

Orange and red striped onesie of the Danish brand Katvig. I didn’t notice the brand when I bought it but according to my sister its quite a popular brand in Denmark.

Red/white striped body from Gap.

A bunch of white onesies bought for £3 altogether, which I want to decorate with stamps and other fun stuff.

IMG_0006 5
Knitted Socks

IMG_0003 5
Blue cord body with an elephant on.

IMG_0002 3
Striped onesie.

Finally a little picture of the bump I took at the sea so I can remember what my feet look like when I get a bit further along.

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  1. debbie

    Hi Eddie
    What great finds. I love stripes for baby clothes. I am impressed too by the things you have made on the serger. How nice to have your sister to help too. x

    • Eddie

      Thank you Debbie,
      I do love the serger!

  2. Corina

    Hi Eddie,
    Thanks for the comment. I have two girls so I’m used to making dresses. Although my older daughter turned out to be a tom boy!