Baking with my sis

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So last weekend we went to visit my sister and did a lot of baking. A real lot. We weren’t finished till past midnight. We baked gingerbread hearts, brunkager and pebernødder.


For the brunkager you need to slice a frozen tubular piece of dough and its normally quite difficult to do by hand so I was so happy when I found a lovely old Eva bread cutting machine at a recycling centre. I have been wanting one for ages and here it was just when I needed it. We used it for the brunkager and it worked wonderfully.


Finally, we had decided to have duck that evening and inspired by the brothers Price I was making duck dough-balls (andeskiver) as a starter. Because who hasn’t got a tin of confit de canard in their fridge (thanks to Cecile). I made a portion of the whole tin so I have enough to make some more andeskiver for Christmas.


And yes it is Christmas soon! We have already bought Lego for our usual Lego advent calender. I have also joined the Crafty Christmas Club again and begun making presents. So if you are from my close family – don’t go looking over there because you might see you present early – and where’s the fun in that.