Beer labels

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Eddie’s father, Lars, has recently started brewing his own beer (read his post about this on Historic Crafts) with her uncle, and they asked me to produce some drawings for their beer labels. We came up with the idea of using animals that represent the beer in some sort of way. The first one was an Urquel and Eddie thought that it sounded like ‘urkat’, which is wildcat in Danish, so she suggested I draw a Lynx. After that I drew a Holy Cow for the Indian Pale Ale and an English Bulldog for the Newcastle Brown Ale. The latest is the Harvest Mouse for the Wheat beer, which I am hoping to taste when we go over there on vacation.

Harvest mouse for wheat beer label, by John
Holy Cow for IPA beer label, by John
English Bulldog for the Newcastle Brown Ale beer labels, by John
Lynx for the Urquel beer label, by John

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