Bess – a grand name, a grand dame

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Those who know my family know that our daughter is nick-named Bess. Despite this being more of a dog’s name in Denmark we held fast and referred family to the Wiki page for Bess. If it was good enough for Queen Elizabeth the 1st, its good enough for our Bess!

However, it was particularly Bess of Hardwick who she is named after. Therefore, I was very happy to discover the exhibition: ‘Unsealed – The Letters of Bess of Hardwick’ which has been shown last summer at Hardwick Hall. Today it opened at the National Archives in Kew, UK, where it can be seen till the 23rd February 2013. I hope we will be able to catch it there. I am due a visit to the National Archives for family research anyway.

Since I don’t know about the copyright situation with images of Bess of Hardwick (and I’m a scaredy-pants) here is one of Bess of Holsted, now in Munich

The project ‘The Letters of Bess of Hardwick‘ at University of Glasgow’s PI Dr. Allison Wiggins is doing at talk about Bess of Hardwick at the National Archives on the 29th November 2012 from 14.00-15.00. Here’s to hoping that there is going to be a video-podcast of the event.

A great part of the unsealed exhibition is the podcasts created by Anke Timmermann where you can learn more about Bess and her time.

As a Digital Humanist the only thing I am missing with the exhibition and project is a bit more of an online publication/exhibition of the letters.
Also I can’t find anything about the exhibition on the National Archive’s website.

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  1. roued

    Thanks Caitriona. We are doing fine in Munich. Enjoying the Christmas markets and such.

  2. Caitriona

    I, for one, love the photo of Bess of Holsted!
    I hope you’re all getting on well in Munich.