Blog inspiration: a start

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As on Historic Crafts I have decided to get a blogroll going and share with you all some of the magical blogs I get my daily inspiration from.

Today I’m going to begin with some of the blogs I have found through the refashioning community. Some are my fellow editors on Refashion Co-op and some I came across when I first joined the community on Wardrobe Refashion.

Eaton's seamstresses at work from Wikimedia Commons

I have divided them into different categories that will hopefully fill up as we go along. I hope you will enjoy and find inspiration in them as I do.

6 Responses

  1. Debbie

    Thanks for the link Eddie. I am glad you like my blog 🙂

    • eddieduckling

      Your welcome Debbie.
      xx Eddie

  2. Portia

    Hey Eddie,

    Hope you don’t mind, blogged you here:


    • eddieduckling

      Hi Portia,

      Of course I don’t mind – I’m thrilled. Thank you so much for the mention.

      xxx Eddie

  3. Erica Louise

    Thanks for the shout out Eddie, it is especially nice to be classified as stylish 🙂 How gorgeous is that photograph from Wiki commons!

    • eddieduckling

      Thank you Erica, and you are welcome.