Blouse front – bobbin lace

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This front piece is one I made to sew on a blouse, which I unfortunately haven’t done yet. But I will soon. I know I will!

The pattern is a variation of the Bookworm from Gilian Dye’s Beginning Bobbin Lace (Fig. 75, page 79). I made it using two colours (teal and blue) of hand spun merino. During the summer 2010, I spun on my spindle quite a few different colours of merino and 2 plied them to make a good but thin thread for bobbin lace projects.

Blouse front piece - bobbin lace

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2 Responses

  1. ilana H

    You’ll have to come with your bobins and demonstrate to your knitting group , this is very interesting !

    • eddieduckling

      I would love to do that Ilana! It’s so much fun.
      Thanks for the kind words,