Bubbly Berry Skirt

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Elderberry dyed skirt refashion by Eddie's Room, roued.com
For this skirt I used the leftovers of a pair of linen trousers from a previous refashion attempt. Back then I was careful to remove the top of the trousers and the zipper thinking that I could probably make use of this later. I did – this week!

I was going to do a bit of dyeing with elderberries for Historic Crafts and decided to try it out on this piece of raw silk I had lying around. It was a pink shade that I don’t personally fancy too much so I decided that any shade of purple would be an improvement. Dyeing successfully over with I cut the fabric into trapezoid pieces and sewed them together. I then did the same to some white cotton fabric. I wanted to make a bubble effect so I sewed the liner in a couple of inches further up the skirt and at an angle. I am planning to make a more detailed tutorial on this later so let me know if you are interested? I would also love to hear from others who have tried dyeing with natural dyes – especially berries.

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  1. Pam

    The elderberries have created a beautiful colour, Edie!!! I have never tried natural dyes, but like the idea of them.