A collection of some links for my latest paper – Can we share? This is meant as a lone researcher’s plea to everyone who wants to share their humanities data online, to also do it in a way so that it is accessible and re-usable.

If you want to read the original abstract it is over on L – P: Archaeology’s CAA UK 2013 conference page. Doug Rocks-Macqueen did a good job of filming the presentations which are available on the former page or his blog.

It wasn’t anyone’s fault but the microphone was playing up during my presentation so I went away feeling that I didn’t really get to say everything the way I wanted to. I did my presentation in prezi.com and found out that they enable you to upload audio so I went ahead and tested this by recording my talk. So here is a link to that on prezi. Note that the audio for the particular slide begins a few seconds after you move to that slide. Also the audio only begins on the second slide and a few slides don’t have any audio. So what I want to say is be patient and when if there really is no audio then go to the next slide. As I said it is a test so please let me know if it is not working optimally for you.

So the last couple of links are to the blog posts I made for the two tests.

  1. Research test: Palstave
  2. Research test: Knitted socks

Finally, I want to say thank you to a couple of people. First is Daniel Pett from the Portable Antiquities Scheme for setting me up with a research account and helping me access the data. Also thank you to Swedish FMIS again for allowing me to use their data.

Lastly, thank you to my husband John for making the cool ink drawings for my presentation. Please visit his website to have a closer look at them. If you wish to use them or get him to make something similar for you (he is very happy to take on commissions 🙂 ) then please contact him at john (at) roued.com