Elefanthuen – a balaclava pattern for the whole family
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buy now Balaclavas are quite popular in Denmark because of the cold weather. We call them “elefanthuer”, so elephant hats. This one is made for child and adult sizes, because everyone need something to keep their head warm this winter. … Read More

Sønderby in Grindsted – a geographical overview
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The Sønderby area south of Grindsted is the area where my Grandfather’s Grandmother Kirsten Marie Øhlenschlæger was born and lived during her childhood. She was born in 1870 as the 4th out of 5 children, but the youngest to survive. I … Read More

My Great Grandmother’s Caramel Cake
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This is a recipe for a caramel cake which has been passed down from my Great Grandmother to my Grandmother to my mother to me. The salty butter caramel for the butter cream is one I learnt to make from … Read More

How we celebrate a Danish/British Christmas
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Around the beginning of December I wrote a bit about how Danes in general celebrate Christmas. Today I want to share how we celebrate a Danish/British Christmas in our family. Every second year we have been celebrating Christmas in the … Read More

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I’m totally feeling in a Christmas mood. Therefore, this free pattern with easy instructions on knitting your own “Nissehue” in English and Danish. Hope you enjoy! Download now in English and Danish or check it out on Ravelry.   In Scandinavia there … Read More

How Danes celebrate Christmas
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I’m Danish and I love Christmas, so naturally I am an authority on the subject of Danish Christmas 😉 Today I just wanted to tell you a little about how Danes celebrate Christmas. I have touched upon the subject and … Read More