The dye sample crochet blanket
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I am a being a bit lazy about posting at the moment so here is a couple of pictures of the Attic 24 Hexagonal blanket I am working on – it’s still WIP. The squares are crochet with the sample … Read More

A world in love
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In exactly a months time we have the 14th February also known as Valentines day. A great time to show the people in your life how much you love and appreciate them. But how about sharing that love a bit … Read More

Portrait of a Textile Artist
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Deborah Robson has agreed to let us do a portrait of her as a crafts person. We decided to call her a textile artist as her answer to the first question about what she sees as her main craft was: … Read More

Retro crocheted bridal gloves
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I have been in love with the idea of having a couple of retro crochet gloves for a long time but all the gloves me and my friend ever looked at where way to small for our working class hands. … Read More