Christmas preset round-up and Happy New Year
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Before 2011 ends I want to take a moment to look at the homemade Christmas presents. Both the ones I made and gave away and the ones I got. For more inspiration check out my Pinterest board “Making Christmas Gifts … Read More

Bowl of stamps
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This is a bowl I made by decoupaging stamps to an old bamboo bowl I had. I made it for John for Christmas. I have seen bowls using stamps as decoupage material before but I wanted to make something myself … Read More

Decoupaged globe
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I want to show you all a great find I did at the skip a while ago. The globe itself was quite pretty but the metal holding it was an awful gold colour. Also the bottom was wood that had … Read More

Island decoupage on glass with tutorial
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This is one of my favorite projects to date. I am a bit of a map enthusiast myself and I think this turned out really nice. Do you want to see some more ideas for gifts for the navigator?

Make your own pin cushion
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Today I would like to share with you a project I originally made to give away. Nevertheless, I ended up keeping most of these myself. I can always use another pin cushion. Now for a couple of other ideas for … Read More

Gifts for the Musician with decoupage tutorial
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This week I want to show you a DIY project I made out of some old glass tea light holders I had lying around but had grown tired of. I decided to decoupage sheet music to the bottom and now … Read More

Gifts for the gardener
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There is a huge focus on buying handmade this year for Christmas. The Australian blog Knicky Knacks has put out a Handmade Christmas Challenge. She says: “I’ve decided to make a pledge in support of all those brilliantly crafty bloggers … Read More

What is in that jar?
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If you follow me on ‘Roued is…‘ you will know that at the moment I am completely in love with making jelly. Blackberry Jelly, Elderflower Jelly and Rosemary Jelly to name a few. But I have been struggling to find … Read More

How to make your own mannequin and decorate it
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As I now own 4 different sewing machines, all about 100 years old, I decided last autumn that I wanted to do some more sewing with them. A friend came up with the idea of making mannequins, which would be … Read More

The Jars are Ready!
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Bring on the Jellies. Today I have been picking the last blackcurrants and they are boiling with a couple of apples as we speak (read about the jellies on ‘Roued is…’. But it is not jellies I want to talk … Read More

Decorated Spindles
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I have rather taken to decorating with paper and varnish – in other words decoupage. The latest victims of this fancy were my cheap spindles. First I painted them black, and then I decorated the whorl with cuttings from a … Read More

Tutorial: framing a worn vintage map using decoupage
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My mother-in-law’s birthday is looming in the horizon and this year I wanted to give her something with maps, since she is just as crazy about them as I am. We went to visit Bygone Times together over Easter and … Read More