What is DIY culture?
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‘Do-It-Yourself’ (DIY) is a mantra that has been around for a while and has strong associations with home improvement. Once upon a time many of us would have been building our own homes as there was no alternative. Now, DIY … Read More

DIY survey
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What’s this now – a survey you say – well I don’t have time for one of those. But wait a minute or five – because this really won’t take more than 5 minutes of your time. Unless, you just … Read More

Where to find dress refashion inspiration?
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Follow Eddie’s Room knitting patterns by Eddie’s Room on Pinterest Well you’ll find them all here on this new dress refashion page on the Refashion Co-Op. I am still working on sorting through the dress refashions and then I’ll move … Read More

Information seeking for knitters
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A couple of weeks ago I did my first post about this research I am really excited about at the moment. I would like to explore DIY culture and information seeking. Today I want to tell you a little story … Read More

Tutorial: patchwork curtains and cushions
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Recently I showed you the curtains I made a couple of years ago from men’s shirts. This became two curtains for the living room in our flat in Holsted. We also had a craft room/studio <3 with one window and I wanted … Read More

Tutorial: Curtains from recycled shirts
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I have had a lot of comments from my family and friends on these curtains. Some thought they were awesome and other thought it was the craziest this I had yet attempted. My father asked if it wouldn’t just have … Read More

Buying a vintage leather bag at night
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When in Germany, do like the Germans, for sure! It seems like the Germans (at least in Munich) are not that into charity/thrift shops but rather enjoy a good flee market instead, also at night. So we went across Munich … Read More

Pictures from Bess’ naming party
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We had Bess’ naming party at easter and a lot has happened since then so I never showed off any pictures. Here they are then: The table cloth and napkins I sewed. The easter eggs I made. The name tags … Read More

New project – change the fabric on the dining room chairs
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I got these old chairs a couple of years back but have only recently begun to use them at home. I love their look but the fabric is marked and the seat is coming apart. I found this cool arts … Read More

Cake stand from Amboise
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Last year when I went to the Loire valley in France with a friend I bought some plates and a glass to make a cake stand like the Asian style one I made a couple of years ago. The plates … Read More

New pinboard
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I just got John to put up the new pinboard I made. Its hanging in my new sewing corner.

More patchwork curtains
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Last week i showed off the patchwork curtains made out of recycled shirts. Today i want to show off another curtain made with bits of fabric i had left over for ou.r studio. I also made matching pillows using some … Read More

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