Craft shopping in Swaziland
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My parent have just been on holiday in Swaziland and South Africa. We used to live in Swaziland when I was a kid so the country will always have a special place in my heart. As will the handicrafts found … Read More

February knitting
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As I mentioned in my last post February flew past so fast it seems. But all the travelling for conferences did mean lot’s of knitting as I love knitting while being transported from one place to the next. Actually for … Read More

Dyeing and setting up loom
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Yesterday my mom and I got a bit further with setting up the loom. I also dyed some burp clothes of Bess’ a cool teal colour.

The dye sample crochet blanket
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I am a being a bit lazy about posting at the moment so here is a couple of pictures of the Attic 24 Hexagonal blanket I am working on – it’s still WIP. The squares are crochet with the sample … Read More

Dyeing with onion skins
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A while back I went to France with my friend Cecile (Ways of the Whorl) and we did a lot of Natural dyeing. Mostly we did the samples you can see in this colour wheel. Cecile has so far written … Read More

Colours, colorwheels, and black beans
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At the moment I have a great fondness for colourwheels and all the colours of the rainbow. You can see it on my Pinterest board – so aptly named ‘Rainbow‘. Check it out on Pinterest! This also became the theme … Read More

Preparing yarn for dyeing
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See the full gallery on posterous Today I have been rather busy tidying my recycled sweater yarn on Ravelry and adding yarn to Grey Duckling. I have also been preparing this yellow yarn today. The yellow yarn is form a … Read More

Bubbly Berry Skirt
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For this skirt I used the leftovers of a pair of linen trousers from a previous refashion attempt. Back then I was careful to remove the top of the trousers and the zipper thinking that I could probably make use … Read More