Knitting Designer Aids
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OK I admit it – I’m not very good at drawing :-(. I once did a series of cartoons for an international conference presentation with stick people in it, just to spite my husband who didn’t have the time to … Read More

Zero Socks
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I wanted to try something new with this pattern. Therefore it will be free until I think it has been tested thoroughly in the Free Pattern Testers group, then it will go for sale. If you have any comments about … Read More

Dirghagama girl cardigan
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This is a new version of the original free Dirghagama baby cardigan, size 6 months in Bulky yarn, which was made as a baby shower present for a lovely couple who study the Dirghagama. Dirghagama means ‘a long (dirgha) discourse of … Read More

Knitting edge stitch: Ridge & Furrow
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I am working on my first knitting design and for this I designed a simple knit on edging. I chose to call it Ridge & Furrow, named after the archaeological evidence of a Medieval ploughing method. This brings back memories … Read More