Clothing with heritage images
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In October last year I presented at the wonderful Sharing is Caring conference in Copenhagen. I was doing a Pecha Kucha about Aagaards Photos (see the photos on Flickr). At the same time I was showing off my new dress … Read More

DIY Culture and Cultural Institution – the first framework
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This spring I have been working on some theories on DIY Culture and the special relationship I believe there is with Cultural Institutions (such as museums, libraries and archives or MLA). I have been working on this subject as a … Read More

Literature on DIY culture
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DIY culture, defined in my research as the social world of people engaging in DIY activities (1), is an underexposed area of research, which I am trying to position within established research areas. This quest begins with an exciting hunt … Read More

What is DIY culture?
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‘Do-It-Yourself’ (DIY) is a mantra that has been around for a while and has strong associations with home improvement. Once upon a time many of us would have been building our own homes as there was no alternative. Now, DIY … Read More

DIY survey
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What’s this now – a survey you say – well I don’t have time for one of those. But wait a minute or five – because this really won’t take more than 5 minutes of your time. Unless, you just … Read More

Pie Eaters shawl
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download now From the dark mines of the North I bring you this versatile rectangular shawl worked from one end to the next with buttons and buttonholes to fasten it down the front, around the back or the neck. The … Read More

Elefanthuen – a balaclava pattern for the whole family
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buy now Balaclavas are quite popular in Denmark because of the cold weather. We call them “elefanthuer”, so elephant hats. This one is made for child and adult sizes, because everyone need something to keep their head warm this winter. … Read More

Custom virtual room with digital colouring in page
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Se Dansk version forneden! I hand draw an artistic two dimensional interpretation of you (or perhaps a group) and your favorite things and interests in a virtual room. I draw using black ink onto recycled paper that measures 297mm x … Read More

Custom ink house portrait with digital colouring in page
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Se Dansk version forneden! Ever wanted to have your house hanging inside your house? Or are you going to move and wish you could take your house with you? Maybe you are looking for the perfect moving in present or … Read More

Undertrøjen – FREE warm winter singlet pattern
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Download now for free size 2 years in English, Danish or Spanish Buy now for sizes from 3 months to 16 years in English and Danish. Brrrrrr it’s cold outside and just the weather for layering up. My gran always … Read More

Knitted convertible gloves/mittens refashion
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I have been wanting to take my refashioning in a new direction for a while and I have found what for me is the perfect combination, refashioning and knitting. I often find that I either buy or knit hand-knitted items … Read More

Colouring stories – Grow Your Own Veggies
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[purchase_link id=”4450″ style=”button” color=”orange” text=”Buy”]   Use this fun colouring book to learn and talk about about growing vegetables. When you have paid for the book you will be able to download and print the pages as many times as … Read More

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