My Great Grandmother’s Caramel Cake
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This is a recipe for a caramel cake which has been passed down from my Great Grandmother to my Grandmother to my mother to me. The salty butter caramel for the butter cream is one I learnt to make from … Read More

Making Danish Christmas Goodies
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I wanted to make some Danish Christmas specialities with a little twist. So here is something for those who love liquorice and for those who don’t. Most Danes do 🙂 You begin with raw softened nougat Into which you stir … Read More

Vegetable muffins recipe
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I wanted to make a breakfast muffin for myself and my daughter using the veg in the garden that we have plenty off (carrot, courgette, beetroot). It had to be fairly healthy without too much fibre and it had to … Read More

My childhood recipe book
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Did you have a recipe book as a child? I had one called “Brugsens Børnekogebog” (The Coop’s children’s cook book) and my sister and I used it a lot. I can remember (and even if I couldn’t, it’s pretty obvious) … Read More

Peach Melba muffins
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Ingredients 150ml oil 2 eggs 150ml brown sugar 350 ml plain flour 1/2 tsp baking soda Pinch of salt 200ml prepared peach 50g frozen raspberries Makes 12 small muffins Preheat fan oven to 200 ºC. Prepare peaches. To get 200ml … Read More

Birthdays in Munich
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January is a time of birthdays in our family. Both Bess’ and John’s birthdays are in this winter-month. We have been having loads of visitors, especially because we could celebrate Bess’ first birthday. I decided that in stead of making … Read More

Homemade eastereggs
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Since we are having Bess’ welcome to the world party at easter I decided to try and make some homemade easter eggs with different fillings. I am a great fan of chocolate with filling. I first prepared some marzipan with … Read More

Baking with my sis
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So last weekend we went to visit my sister and did a lot of baking. A real lot. We weren’t finished till past midnight. We baked gingerbread hearts, brunkager and pebernødder. For the brunkager you need to slice a frozen … Read More

Dreamcake from Buddinge
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I made this cake for my knitting group the other day and they seemed to love it. So I thought I might share it with the world in English. It is a traditional Danish recipe and a quick Google search … Read More

Bertie’s Impossible Pie
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This is a pie I learned to make from my mother many, many years ago. It is so simple to make and the reason for the name is that before you bake it seems absolutely impossible that the gloopy mess … Read More

Eddie’s rye bread
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It is becoming increasingly easier to buy good rye bread in the UK. Most bigger super markets have a range now which consists of more interesting rye bread than before. However, I still think home baked is really great and … Read More

Agnes’ pancakes
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This is my Grandmother Agnes’ recipe for pancakes Ingredients   125g Flour 1 1/4dl Milk c. 1 1/4dl beer 1tbsp oil 3-4 eggs bit of salt bit of sugar bit of lemon Process Mix dry stuff Mix wet stuff Mix … Read More

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