Clothing with heritage images
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In October last year I presented at the wonderful Sharing is Caring conference in Copenhagen. I was doing a Pecha Kucha about Aagaards Photos (see the photos on Flickr). At the same time I was showing off my new dress … Read More

Kids Galapagos t-shirt refashion
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When my mother-in-law visited Galapagos last year she brought back this t-shirt. It is a size 2 years and should fit Bess but she just can’t fit her head through it. Perhaps kids in South America have much smaller heads … Read More

People Tree vest knitted refashion
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  I love clothes from People Tree, as you may notice on my “Eco Fashion i Cool” Pinterest board. However, this particular vest had way too long straps for me so I decided to do a knitted refashion of it … Read More

17 most helpful refashion tutorials from February 2014
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Wow! It’s almost been a whole month since I last posted on the blog. I’ll tell you why. I have simply been so busy with a project concerning collaboration between a local museum and local schools. There has also been … Read More

Knitting Designer Aids
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OK I admit it – I’m not very good at drawing :-(. I once did a series of cartoons for an international conference presentation with stick people in it, just to spite my husband who didn’t have the time to … Read More

How to sew an easy baby carrier for a doll
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If you have a look around my blog you will quickly spot that I have a daughter and that my daughter has a doll called Lily. She loves her Lily and she loves to copy me and my husband. We … Read More

Tutorial: patchwork curtains and cushions
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Recently I showed you the curtains I made a couple of years ago from men’s shirts. This became two curtains for the living room in our flat in Holsted. We also had a craft room/studio <3 with one window and I wanted … Read More

Tutorial: Curtains from recycled shirts
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I have had a lot of comments from my family and friends on these curtains. Some thought they were awesome and other thought it was the craziest this I had yet attempted. My father asked if it wouldn’t just have … Read More

Tutorial – cushion for high chair (Trip Trap)
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I got a new sewing machine and this time its actually new new! Its a 30th birthday and congrats on the phd viva present all in one frpm my parents. Its the Singer 160 years anniversary model and I love … Read More

Gifts for the Advent Calendar
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This week the gift post is a bit different. I want to get ready for the 1st December where I am putting up my Advent Calendar. These days John and I buy a LEGO set and divide it into 24 … Read More

Island decoupage on glass with tutorial
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This is one of my favorite projects to date. I am a bit of a map enthusiast myself and I think this turned out really nice. Do you want to see some more ideas for gifts for the navigator?

Make your own pin cushion
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Today I would like to share with you a project I originally made to give away. Nevertheless, I ended up keeping most of these myself. I can always use another pin cushion. Now for a couple of other ideas for … Read More

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