Pedagogy scarf
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The idea with this scarf was to teach my sister to knit and to motivate her to enjoy knitting. I have personally gotten so much pleasure out of knitting and I wished to share this experience with my dearest little … Read More

Knitting Designer Aids
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OK I admit it – I’m not very good at drawing :-(. I once did a series of cartoons for an international conference presentation with stick people in it, just to spite my husband who didn’t have the time to … Read More

Zero Socks
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I wanted to try something new with this pattern. Therefore it will be free until I think it has been tested thoroughly in the Free Pattern Testers group, then it will go for sale. If you have any comments about … Read More

New knitting videos in Danish
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Strikke How-to på dansk: strikke opslag Strikke How-to på dansk: Strikke Engelsk og Continental stil Strikke how-to på dansk: vrangstrik med Engelsk og Continental stil

Kanephoros Girls Cardigan
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You can now buy the Kanephoros Girls Cardigan for $3.99     This is a sweet cardigan for girls age 1 to 6 years with ¾ length raglan sleeves and basket weave lace at the bottom. Kanephoros were the gold-bedecked … Read More

Path to Perta shawl
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Se more pictures on the Ravelry page. Buy now for 2.99 eur add to cart Please use the group, Eddie’s Room  or the comments below to ask questions about the pattern. Errata will be posted on this page. This is a … Read More

Knit and purl videos
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I just finished two more knitting videos. This time I am going back to basics and tackling the knit and the purl stitch showing both the Continental and the English styles. Knit stitch Purl stitch

Knitted cast-on video
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I’ve just uploaded a video on knitted cast-on, continental style. This is for a new design I am working on – the total beginners scarf. While you knit the scarf and move along the sections you learn so many new … Read More

Last videos for Super Sock Calculator
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I finally got the bandwidth to upload the last two videos I had planned as a part of the Super Sock Calculator series, guiding you through how to use the calculator and the techniques for knitting socks in this way. … Read More

Lepidina Kerchief knitting pattern
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The pattern is available on Ravelry where you can also see my other patterns. This is a little quick knit pattern (all test knitters completed it in under 5 hours) for an adventurous beginner or intermediate knitter. The kerchief has … Read More

How to begin knitting a triangular shawl (videos)
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A couple of videos on starting a triangular shawl with a garter tab and using Judy’s magic toe-up cast-on. How to knit garter tab cast-on for triangular shawls Knitting a triangular shawl from the top-center and down If you want … Read More

How to do knitting decreases (videos in English and Danish)
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English I recently finished these videos on basic knitting techniques for decreasing your knitting stitches. I knit using the continental method of knitting, holding my yarn in my left hand so if you use another method of knitting and holding … Read More

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