Interview with Heather Ordover from CraftLit
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I have just had the absolute pleasure of a lovely, inspiring chat with Heather Ordover. Many of you may know her as the woman behind CraftLit, now running on its seventh year. If you don’t, then may I suggest that … Read More

Portrait of a Historic Hand Knitter
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Joyce Meader is a historic hand knitter. She knits items (mostly for men) from 19th and 20th Century patterns and tried to be as authentic as possible. She also has a big collection of knitting patterns herself. Joyce is a … Read More

Portrait of a Woodworker
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Robin Wood is a wood worker who specialises in the use of local timbers and traditional techniques. He combines the practicalities of turning wood bowls and carving spoons with an interest in the history of the items, culminating in the … Read More

Portrait of a Craft Historian
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Ruth Goodman is currently known as an Edwardian woman living and working on a farm at Morwellham Quay, in Devon together with fellow Edwardians Alex Langlands and Peter Ginn (shown on BBC 2 recently). Together they worked the farm from … Read More

Interview with Zoe
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It’s so much fun to meet new people. Even if you don’t actually meet them face to face. This was the case with Zoe. We decided to meet for a chat on a day we were both snowed in. We … Read More

Portrait of a Knitter
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Donna Druchunas, teacher, writer and most importantly, knitter. Donna gives workshops in ethnic knitting, lace and rug knitting. She blogs on SheeptoShawl and you can follow her as druchunas on twitter – we do! Donna has written several great books … Read More

Portrait of a Textile Artist
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Deborah Robson has agreed to let us do a portrait of her as a crafts person. We decided to call her a textile artist as her answer to the first question about what she sees as her main craft was: … Read More