17 most helpful refashion tutorials from February 2014
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Wow! It’s almost been a whole month since I last posted on the blog. I’ll tell you why. I have simply been so busy with a project concerning collaboration between a local museum and local schools. There has also been … Read More

Calculating a raglan sweater
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As you probably know, I love knit calculators.

Sorting through dress refashions
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A couple of years ago I started-up the Refashion Co-op together with a group of editors. Over time we have had around 500 contributors come and some are gone again as we can only have 100 bloggers attached to the … Read More

All the best knitted sock calculators
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Socks, socks, socks and all the maths that goes behind it. While working on my own sock calculator I became very curious about other sock calculators out there, and there are loads! OK, maybe not loads, but quite a few. … Read More