FREE Christmas colouring page / Christmas card
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  I am so proud of my husband, John. He has been working so hard this last year on getting his illustrations out there and as most who have ever tried to sell anything handmade will tell you, it’s so … Read More

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I’m totally feeling in a Christmas mood. Therefore, this free pattern with easy instructions on knitting your own “Nissehue” in English and Danish. Hope you enjoy! Download now in English and Danish or check it out on Ravelry.   In Scandinavia there … Read More

Graduating from my Oxford DPhil
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It finally happened, the day I have been waiting for since 2008 (or really since I was a teenager). I graduated from my DPhil (PhD) from University of Oxford. It was a fantastic day. We went to Oxford my parents, … Read More

How to sew an easy baby carrier for a doll
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If you have a look around my blog you will quickly spot that I have a daughter and that my daughter has a doll called Lily. She loves her Lily and she loves to copy me and my husband. We … Read More

My childhood recipe book
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Did you have a recipe book as a child? I had one called “Brugsens Børnekogebog” (The Coop’s children’s cook book) and my sister and I used it a lot. I can remember (and even if I couldn’t, it’s pretty obvious) … Read More

Review: Knitted Dolls
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Knitted Dolls Arne & Carlos, 2012 Search Press English version It’s easy to tell that this book stems from a deep love for dolls and dollhouses, not just for children but also for adults. However, even though dolls may not … Read More

Thrifted blouse to kids harem pants refashion
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So this is the second instalment of the harem pants refashions and I am simply going to copy in the explanation from the first one. This is again another refashion from a pattern and the pattern in question is the … Read More

Silk blouse to kids harem pants refashion
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This is again another refashion from a pattern and the pattern in question is the Ottobre Design Autumn 4/2012 (7) Harem pants for toddlers. I love this pattern. The pants are awesome and it is so easy to use the pattern for … Read More

March knitting
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I have been using Instagram a lot recently for two reasons. One it’s fun (and easy) to say it with pictures when you don’t have time to write a long story about what you are doing. Snap a quick picture … Read More

Birthdays in Munich
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January is a time of birthdays in our family. Both Bess’ and John’s birthdays are in this winter-month. We have been having loads of visitors, especially because we could celebrate Bess’ first birthday. I decided that in stead of making … Read More

Christmas feeling in Munich
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It’s beginning to look at lot like Christmas – around here! Outside my office window the ground is covered with snow and it gives a nice and cosy feel to it. My parents visited in the weekend and we took … Read More

New Christmas / Advent Calenders
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A couple of years ago I took out my old advent calender and sewed 24 small bags for it. We filled the bags with parts of a bigger Lego set we had bought and took turns opening the bags and … Read More

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