Clothing with heritage images
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In October last year I presented at the wonderful Sharing is Caring conference in Copenhagen. I was doing a Pecha Kucha about Aagaards Photos (see the photos on Flickr). At the same time I was showing off my new dress … Read More

DIY Culture and Cultural Institution – the first framework
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This spring I have been working on some theories on DIY Culture and the special relationship I believe there is with Cultural Institutions (such as museums, libraries and archives or MLA). I have been working on this subject as a … Read More

Literature on DIY culture
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DIY culture, defined in my research as the social world of people engaging in DIY activities (1), is an underexposed area of research, which I am trying to position within established research areas. This quest begins with an exciting hunt … Read More

What is DIY culture?
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‘Do-It-Yourself’ (DIY) is a mantra that has been around for a while and has strong associations with home improvement. Once upon a time many of us would have been building our own homes as there was no alternative. Now, DIY … Read More

DIY survey
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What’s this now – a survey you say – well I don’t have time for one of those. But wait a minute or five – because this really won’t take more than 5 minutes of your time. Unless, you just … Read More

Sønderby in Grindsted – a geographical overview
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The Sønderby area south of Grindsted is the area where my Grandfather’s Grandmother Kirsten Marie Øhlenschlæger was born and lived during her childhood. She was born in 1870 as the 4th out of 5 children, but the youngest to survive. I … Read More

Graduating from my Oxford DPhil
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It finally happened, the day I have been waiting for since 2008 (or really since I was a teenager). I graduated from my DPhil (PhD) from University of Oxford. It was a fantastic day. We went to Oxford my parents, … Read More

Information seeking for knitters
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A couple of weeks ago I did my first post about this research I am really excited about at the moment. I would like to explore DIY culture and information seeking. Today I want to tell you a little story … Read More

DIY culture research project
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It’s now been 2 years since I handed in my PhD thesis and I’m all signed up for my graduation ceremony at University of Oxford this autumn. I am so looking forward to it. The culmination of five years of … Read More

Our new office
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I have now moved back to Denmark with my little family and we have all moved in with my parents for a while. My husband John and I would like to start-up our own creative businesses. We were so lucky … Read More

Class Notes (10): Editing editions with XML
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These are the class notes for the “Introduction to XML and editing ancient documents” seminar I am doing this summer semester at LMU, Munich. In todays class we talked about how we can combine different online data sources to create … Read More

Class Notes (9): How can we use Webservices?
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These are the class notes for the “Introduction to XML and editing ancient documents” seminar I am doing this summer semester at LMU, Munich. The purpose of this class is for the participants to use the Flickr API explorer to … Read More

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