DIY Culture and Cultural Institution – the first framework
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This spring I have been working on some theories on DIY Culture and the special relationship I believe there is with Cultural Institutions (such as museums, libraries and archives or MLA). I have been working on this subject as a … Read More

A world in love
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In exactly a months time we have the 14th February also known as Valentines day. A great time to show the people in your life how much you love and appreciate them. But how about sharing that love a bit … Read More

Colloquium at British Academy
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The last couple of days the eSAD project have had our Colloquium on “e-Research on Texts and Images” at the British Academy, London. Alejandro Giacometti, postgraduate student at UCL, has been summing up the talks! This has been a very … Read More

IT and Ancient Documents: Image Annotation
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At the moment I am in the midst of writing about IT and ancient documents. This is a basic overlook of the research so far in this area. I decided to divide it into different subjects such as: text encoding, … Read More

Day of Digital Humanities
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Follow my Day of DH, an initiative started last year by the University of Alberta, Canada. “A Day in the Life of the Digital Humanities (Day of DH) is a community publication project that will bring together digital humanists from … Read More

Writing the introduction
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So I have this new writing strategy, where my husband helps be get my thesis written. Each weekend we will sit down together and he will read what I have written the previous week and then we will plan what … Read More

Resources for DRH 27.11.09
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eSAD – e-Science and Ancient Documents: Vindolanda – VTO – Vindolanda Tablets Online: EpiDoc – Epigraphical Documents in TEI: Contextual encoding Hippisley, D. (2005) “Encoding the Vindolanda tablets: an investigation in contextual encoding using XML and … Read More

Using the flickr API
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This is a case study of how you can use Web Services to access information from another web application in your own blog. Flickr have an application called the API Garden where you can put together a URL to call … Read More

Displaying photos with flickr API
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[simpleflickr set=”72157622862470902″ /]

Index search – Vindolanda
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I have now updated the new Vindolanda tablets viewer and index searcher which I have been working on recently. There is two parts to this application: 1. A viewer which allows you to view the same documents as XML, HTML … Read More

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I did my first web service using SOAP all the time being aware that RESTful would be an easier and probabply also faster solution. However, when I did my first web service there was not a lot out on RESTful … Read More

Nearest book
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Marking out numbers in this way is a regular feature of Latin script, the intention being no doubt to alert the reader to the fact that i, l, x etc. are not to be treated as letters but as figures. … Read More

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