Comfort of a friend, Bess and Lily

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OK, so now I think we have established that I like to knit matching outfits for my daughter Bess and her doll Lily. I do this for various reasons. Sometimes to do a quick test of a knit pattern calculator I am working on, and sometimes just for the joy of watching my daughter play and bond with Lily.
Anyway, imagine my joy to discover that a new pattern is out with this same concept. This in itself has inspired me to consider incorporating this idea in future children’s patterns that I have in my head.
But let’s just step back to where I first heard about this pattern, because there is a story there which I would like to share too first. I recently realized that CraftLit, a podcast with readings of classical literature and craft news, was reading Jane Eyre. Now I have tried to watch the BBC mini series years ago with a good friend. It was so boring. But I always wanted to know what the story was about, so I decided to give it another go. And let me just say that this audio version broken into chapters and explained by the wonderful Heather Ordover is fantastic (btw, her surname is so cool for someone who loves books and words as ‘ord’ means words in Danish). I am completely hooked on the book and CraftLit for that matter. I have now (with John) listened to the chapters back-to-back and we have caught up with the podcast. This is both great and sad. It’s sad because now I have to wait a week for new episodes. But in the meantime we have gone back in the archive (using the just-the-books version, because old craft news is frustrating) and are now listening to the first ever book she did – Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice.
So why is it also great? We’ll the aforementioned craft news is wonderful in realtime and it was here I first heard of the new knitting pattern book What (else) Would Madame Defarge Knit. The book has just been published and they are doing a knitalong (if you are on Ravelry -> here is the link) of the adult version of the Comfort for a Friend pattern. However, I have too many other knitting projects on the go at the moment and I don’t really need another shawl. So, I will be making the dolls and girl version for Bess and Lily while I catch up with this weeks episode.
On to knitting….
And thanks to Heather for being such an inspiration… Gonna stick a book in my ear and free up my hands and eyes for knitting.

P.S. All this talk about Jane Austen reminds me of the Jane Austen dress refashion I did a couple of years ago.

Lily ready for a shawl

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  1. Heather Hutchinson Ordover

    You are so sweet! And I am SO excited to find out that "ord" means "word" in Danish! How completely cool is that!!!?! Thank you!!!