Cunliffe’s in Ince

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Most of the information I have about this family is from the Cunliffe Family Bible and from census records of1881, 1891, and 1901
I can’t find the parish records as they are not on the otherwise wonderful Lancashire Online Parish Clerks Project website. But I have found some records recently on Lancashire BMD.

James Cunliffe (1856 – AFT 1901) and his wife Margaret Winstanley (1849-1902) married 21 May 1876. They lived their married life in Ince in Makerfield, Wigan, Lancshire and had around 9 children together. Margaret had a daughter before they were married – Ellen.

I have found their children in BMD but this does not give me any more information other than that they were all born in Hindley parish. They are:

  • 1876: Thomas
  • 1878: William
  • 1880: Elizabeth
  • 1882: Jane
  • 1884: John
  • 1886: Henry
  • 1888: James
  • 1890: Joseph
  • 1892: Alice

Margaret Winstanley had a daughter before she was married to James: Ellen Winstanley. In the census we can see that Ellen came to live with his mother and step-father when they got married. In the 1891 census in Ince Ellen was a Reeler In Cotton Mil.

I have found James Cunliffe in the Lancashire BMD in 1856:

CUNLIFFE James Wigan Wigan & Leigh CATTERALL WIG/45/356

If this is true I have a new lead in terms of the James’ mothers last name – Catterall.

Based on this assumption I found:

CUNLIFFE Thomas CATTRALL Elizabeth All Saints,Wigan Wigan & Leigh C33/11/219

According to this record the parents of James Cunliffe must be Thomas Cunliffe and Elizabeth Cattrall married in 1852 in All Saints, Wigan.

I then went on to look for some children of Cunliffe and Catterall: in 1852, 1854, 1859

CUNLIFFE Mary Ann Wigan Wigan & Leigh CATTERALL WIG/35/127
CUNLIFFE Catherine Wigan Wigan & Leigh CATTERALL WIG/40/182
CUNLIFFE Margaret Wigan Wigan & Leigh CATTERALL WIG/56/380

Persuing the Winstanley line I have found what I think is the birth of Margaret Winstanley in 1849 Wigan. Her mother’s maiden name is Winstanley according to the BMD.

WINSTANLEY Margaret Wigan Wigan & Leigh WINSTANLEY WIG/27/198

The only Winstanley and Winstanley marriage I can find in the Lancashire BMD is in 1848 in St Catherine, Liverpool.

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  1. EddieDuckling

    Hi Deborah,

    It sounds very likely that this is the very same family.
    I did some work on this family at the History Centre in Wigan this Christmas but I haven’t had any time to sit down and have a look at it yet.
    So yes I think there is a connection. Do you have your family tree online somewhere?

    Take care,

  2. Deborah Maltby

    I believe there could possibly be a connection between your family history and mine. My great grandfather was Henry Cunliffe b. 1853, he was the son of Alice cunliffe b. 1828 and who died in 1854. Henry was brought up by his uncle Thomas b. 1826, who was his mothers brother.
    In the 1861 census the family lived at coal yard scholes and comprised of, Thomas b. 1826, Elizabeth b.1827, henry b. 1853, Mary A b. 1853, James b. 1855, Margaret b. 1859 and John b. 1861.
    Henry went on to marry Sarah Ann Stuart in 1880 and they had a daughter Alice b.1881. Sarah died in 1883 and alice died in 1885.
    Henry remarried in 1901 to Elizabeth and went on to have five sons, one of them henry being my grandfather.
    Do you think there could be a connection?
    Regards Deborah.