Decoupaged globe

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I want to show you all a great find I did at the skip a while ago. The globe itself was quite pretty but the metal holding it was an awful gold colour. Also the bottom was wood that had been infected by woodworm at some point. Therefore, I treated the wood with woodworm treatment and covered it with decoupage of photos from a history book. I painted the metal with a dark grey. I quite love the final effect.

Globe before
Globe after
Detail of globe after

4 Responses

  1. Helene

    It is very nice.. Well done sis..

    • eddieduckling

      Yeah! thanks sis.

  2. Eddie

    Thanks Ilana, I just showed it to my father this weekend and he rather loved it too!

  3. ilana H

    This is just my type of thing, to find a old neglected piece and turn it around to be covetable again. well done it is lovely !