DH09 – conference in Washington

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I went to the Digital Humanities conference at University of Maryland a couple of weeks ago. I know this is a bit late to be blogging about it but then I am not always the fastest or most active blogger in the world. I simply forget.

One of the main things I learn’t at the conference was that wow, has twitter just taken of. The amount of twits about the conference was quite amazing. I must admit that I am still not sure that twittering will really work for me.

Someone told me that during my talk several people where actually twittering about it so of course I had to become a twitter member again, after having deleted my account once, so that I could see what they where twittering about. But it was all good and not controversial at all.
The only thing slightly controversial about the talk or the circumstances of the talk was when the air-condition repair man decided to come in and fix the air-condition during my talk.

One of my PI’s, Dr. Melissa Terras was also present at the conference. To her big surprise the DigiLib blog blogged about her talk while she was speaking. Furthermore, The Spellbound Blog has also covered it.

I am sure she will also blog about the subject of her talk and without sounding like to much of a suck-up I thought it was great. The talk was about the huge resources of online museums and collections out there, often hosted via flickr and created by amateurs (or as Melissa would rather call them: enthusiasts). The range of subjects that these collections cover is huge. There is everything from MUM (Museum of Menstruation and Womens Health) to vintage comic book covers.

The conference was all in all really good and I am looking forward to next year in London.