Dirghagama baby cardigan (free)

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I wanted to make a cardigan that would be the perfect baby shower gift to give to anyone expecting a little girl. Originally made for the baby of a lovely lady, who studies the Dirgha Agama, this had to be the name of the pattern as well. This free pattern is only a size 6 months using bulky yarn. I have now made a new version using DK/8-ply weight yarn in sizes 3 months till 8 years, which you can get for €3.99 (approx. $5) from this link below.

Download this free version now

The pattern is now available for download on Ravelry. I am looking forward to seeing all your projects over there. From the download link you can access the pattern in English, Danish, Spanish and Portuguese. I would be very interested in hearing from you if you want to translate the pattern into a different language. Keep an eye on my Facebook page or Subscribe by email to my knitting updates for updates on different languages and new patterns coming soon. :-)

Dirghagama baby cardigan (free pattern), by Eddie's Room, www.roued.com


The pattern is meant a size 6 months and uses one ball of Rowan Purelife British Sheep Breeds Chunky, Blue Faced Leicester and 6mm needles.

Check it out on Ravelry.com!

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27 Responses

  1. Eddie's Room

    You are very welcome :-)

  2. Sunita Khattri Wahi

    It's beautiful, I made it for a home which has HIV+ children who have lost their parents. Thank you once again for the pattern.

  3. Henriette Roued-Cunliffe

    You're welcome and thank you :-)

  4. Eddie's Room

    Thank you so much Tricia :-)

  5. Henriette Roued-Cunliffe

    Thank you Kathleen – can't wait to see it :-)

  6. Tricia Walters

    Boy that is most beautiful pattern.

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  9. Kathleen Pellenz

    I can't wait to knit this little confection!

  10. Robin

    I would love to test knit this !! I’m always knitting for little one’s -my own and everyone else’s !

    • Eddie

      Hi Robin,
      Thank you very much for offering :-)
      I think I have enough test-knitters for this pattern for now though. But I would love to see your version of it when it goes live.
      I am hoping to do more kid related patterns in the future, perhaps there might be something else there that you would like to test-knit too :-)



    i would like to test knit this lovely pattern!


  12. Espe Navarro Andrades

    I would like this, thanks for your pattern.

  13. espe navarro


    • espe

      hello, I’m looking forward knitt pattern

      • Eddie

        Thank you Espe :-)

  14. Eddie's Room

    Thank you Jean, I've emailed you :-)

  15. Eddie's Room

    Yes please, send me a pm with your email :-)

  16. Eddie's Room

    Thank you Beth :-)

  17. Eddie's Room

    Thanks Lee, yes that would probably work well :-)

  18. Theuerkauf Dani

    Need another test knitter? :)

  19. Jean Harris

    I would love to test knit this…it is beautiful, and I always am finding out there is a new baby to knit for!

  20. Beth Sweet

    I cant wait for the pattern its adorable!

  21. Lee Rizzo

    I would test knit this but I would like to use barroco vintage in chunky, let me know :)

  22. kori tisdale

    Interested. Thank you

    • Eddie

      Cool, thank you – will email you :-)