DIY Culture

For my research I define DIY Culture (or Do-It-Yourself Culture) as the social world of people engaging in DIY activities, which again is defined as an activity done by a person with no formal training/education in this particular activity. These activities can range from cooking, to homeschooling, to knitting, to biking (Read more about DIY Culture activities).


Autodidact Information Behaviour

The word autodidact comes from the Greek autodidaktos (meaning self-taught). However, in this context I use the word autodidact instead of self-taught in order to include social learning situations. Often we learn through or with others, even though we are not taking part in a formal learning situation. This research is interested in Human Information Behaviour and Everyday Life Information Seeking and combines the idea of the autodidact learning situations with information seeking, in the term Autodidact Information Behaviour.


DIY Survey

The DIY Survey is an initial exploration of the connection between DIY culture and Autodidact Information Behaviour, with the purpose of identify relevant and interesting research questions on this subject. The survey is furthermore an experiment to see whether it is possible to use social media to reach those who are perhaps not even on the internet.