Do you do/make a thing a day?

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Inspired by Jena from Modish blog ‘s thoughts on making/doing on a regular basis I decided to sign up for the 5th edition of Thing a Day (TAD).

TAD began 5 years ago as a community blog running for 4 weeks in the month of february as a creative outlet for an ad-hoc community of participants.

My theme for this month of making is recycling. I am going to do crafts that show off the potential of using recycled materials. I began yesterday by making one of many crochet hearts for the A World in Love project out of yarn I had recycled from an old sweater.

Other projects I am planning to work on this month included a rug made by weaving strips of old jeans, something made with used coffee bags and finding a fun way to recycle old tins and cans.

I have only been doing this for 2 days now but i think I enjoy this style of posting a diary of the stuff I make and I think I may very well continue with this in March. You can follow me and every one else on Thing a Day. But you can also follow what I am doing along on my Posterous page and on Roued is…

So back to the question. Do you manage to do/make a thing a day? Or do you manage to do something every week? Or every month? Let me know because my curious mind wants to see what you are making.