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Do you remember the post I did in January presenting the idea of a Refashionista Co-operative? One of the main questions I asked din the post was whether there was anyone out there interested in taking on this challenge of being an editor of a refashioning co-operative with me. There sure was!

This Monday (Valentines day for an easy to remember blog anniversary) I and 6 other wonderful women launched the Refashion Co-op. I want to share with you today a little about each of these women and their blogs but first I want to tell you that: WE NEED YOU! Ok that was more yelling than telling. But it’s true. We started the Refashion Co-op as a network and a place to get inspiration. But without YOU contributing your refashions or commenting and encouraging others in their refashions, well, it’s just not going to work.

So join us here, or email us (refashioncoop @ gmail . com). Or come over and chat to us on facebook and twitter!

On to the next bit. I really want to sing the praise of these 6 women who so wonderfully came to me a month ago and said that they wanted to make this project come together with me. We always list ourselves alphabetically but today I’m going to be awkward and do it backwards.

I first really heard of Jillian through Erica’s interview with her. She has this amazing ability to turn a $1 hideous dress into an extremely chic wonder. I admire her for that – but must admit that I am also slightly jealous. I’ll just have to keep a close eye on her refashions and see if I can learn from her. You can learn from her too at the Refashion Co-op or on her own blog Refashionista.net.

I first stumbled upon Jessica’s refashions over on Wardrobe Refashion. She blogs on ayenforcraft about her refashion, hand knits and other things happening around her. I am really amazed and inspired by her skirts and blouses.

I met Jenni at a Craft Social on twitter as far as I remember. She does some great refashioning on her blog Pagano Designworks, but I am also so in love with some of her other non-refashioning projects such as the teacup pincushions.

Erica is the one I turned to after WR closed down to see if she was interested in carrying on in some way. She was and together we did a couple of Refashion Interviews. She blogs about Recycled Fashion and Recycled Sewing where she does some amazing refashions and recycled houseware. But above all she is a fantastic thrifter!

Debbie is quite a dynamo. She sews and refashions, thrifts and makes handmade gifts all of it over on Minnado’s house. We were both a part of the Crafty Christmas Club too!

Bryony’s blog bagsful is the ultimate place to go if you want to know more about fashion and the downside of fashion. I find her posts such an eye opener and am very grateful to her for that.

A little note about self-hosting a blog and feeling friend-less.

I hate to sound self-pitying, I really do, but recently I have discovered the fantastic functions of Google Friends Connects, Facebook pages and the likes. Because I don’t use a blog host like Blogger, Typepad or WordPress I didn’t setup my blog with their ‘follow’ widgets. I only recently thought of it. So this leaves me with a nearly empty Friends connect widget (and a big hug to those who have already connected) and a Facebook page with no likes at all.

Now I know in my logical brain that I do have followers and readers (I can see that with Google Analytics) and I know I have blog friends (among other the wonderful women above), but my emotional, illogical side is crying, why oh why! So while I go out and grab some chocolate to console it you might consider connecting with me. I promise that if you do I will connect back, because I really do want to get to know you too!

Take care,

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  1. Ruby Murray

    I just became a contributor, I so wish I’d found out about it before and had the chance to become an editor, love the co-op and excited about sharing and seeing everyone elses refashions too

  2. Stephanie

    There is so much craziness going on right now that I have been left out of the loop… LOL… I send an email and and a little excited bout this ladies!! Eddie… great idea Hun!!

    xo Steph

    • eddieduckling

      Thanks Steph,

      I will look forward to seeing your refashions over on Refashion Co-op.

      Do you have anything special in mind?


      • Stephanie

        Everything we do is special… hehe… I do have an out fit I made Bubble out of a cot doona cover so will get that up soon!! Introductions first I think…xo Steph

        • eddieduckling

          I enjoyed your introduction and can’t wait to see the outfit!


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