Erica’s first Refashionista Interview with ReFashionista

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I was going to announce this with a bit more of a fanfare but seeing as I am still a bit under the weather I decided to just tell it as it is. At the end of 2010 Erica from Recycled Fashion and myself here at Grey Duckling decided to have a go at interviewing some of our favourite refashionistas.

Gillian from

I have a special page here on Grey Duckling planned, together with a series of badges, but it will just have to wait till I feel better. For now you can enjoy the first interview by Erica, where she has interviewed the lovely Jillian from

Read the interview here on Recycled Fashion!

P.S. I also have an interview of Zoe from So, Zo… on the way, bu it will have to wait till tomorrow as I need to go and lie down again. Oh the perils of the flu season!