February knitting

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As I mentioned in my last post February flew past so fast it seems. But all the travelling for conferences did mean lot’s of knitting as I love knitting while being transported from one place to the next. Actually for the first time ever I dared to take my knitting needles on board the plane and knit there. In the past I have always been to afraid that they would be snatched in security. But I figured now that I only have wooden needles the risk was minimal.

So here is a little update of what I have been knitting recently.

A little and large set of top’s for my daughter and her doll ‘Lily’. The version for my daughter is actually Tora Frøseth’s ‘LittleSister’s dress’ but I made it shorter because she was still crawling a lot in February (she is not anymore – the is stomping around now on two feet 🙂 ). Her doll is a Baby Chou so there are not really any patterns available for this type of soft doll (with a very big head – might I add) yet! Therefore, I decided to calculate my own very simple raglan, square-neck, garter stitch yoke, sleeveless top/dress pattern that could fit any doll. I simply put Lily’s measurements in and the instructions are calculated from this. It needs testing on a few more dresses though!

The yarn is a Blue Faced Leicester (my all time favorite type of yarn to knit with) called Pebble Splash from Easyknits.co.uk. I must admit I have found, through knitting these two projects, that I don’t much enjoy knitting in variegated yarn. My sense of order get’s seriously stressed when I can’t get the colours to dis/align so that I avoid blocks of a single colour. Arg!

Let me just show off another Little sister’s dress my daughter also got recently from a good friend of mine. The yarn is a bamboo/cotton blend called Ambre by Cheval Blanc. She gave me the left over yarn for a matching dress for Lily from the above pattern I made.


Back in 2011, when I was pregnant i began knitting this Cinnamon Grace shawl by Katie Harris. This must be one of my slowest knit’s ever and my shawl turned out about half the size of the shawls on the pattern page, even though I used the same yarn thickness and needle size, go figure! But the yarn, oh my. It’s Blue Faced Leicester 4-ply again and it’s dyed with Natural dyes. It’s from the wonderful Natural Dyes studio. I must have more of this type of yarn.
Anyway I finally finished the project and the leftover’s will be used for hexi puff’s and something for Bess’ Lily I’m sure.

Talking about hexi puff’s – Thanks to Alana from Never Not Knitting‘s podcasts I have now decided to take the plunge into this massive (probably year long – let’s face it) project.

I thought I could use the left over yarn from the natural dyeing experiment‘s I did with my friend in France in 2011 for it. Except one of the yarn’s was more of a DK weight so they became way too big.


I decided instead to use the larger half of the yarn for a quick and easy blanket for Bess’ Lily.

Natural Dyed yarn knit into quick doll's blanket  by Eddie's Room, roued.com

As you can see I am now well into making some hexi puff’s. I made quite a few on the Tube while in London.

Starting on the Hexagons knit by Eddie's Room, roued.com

While in London I also bought some more shetland wool. I had previously bought Jamieson and Smith 2-ply jumper weight directly from them for some fair isle projects. This time I visited Loop and stashed some more of this type of yarn (Spindrift), from Jamieson’s, this time. I have a couple of fair isle projects on the go now – but more on that later.
I had a great (but short) visit to Loop knitting shop in London though. Very friendly and interested staff.


I nearly forgot the Peru hat I made for a little girl who has just been born with matching socks.

A Peru hat knit by Eddie's Room, roued.com

The matching socks were made using my Super Sock Calculator, that I finally got to work. I made another pair for Lily with the same calculator and it seems to be working pretty good. I will try to get it online soon and maybe find some lovely knitters who want to test it on larger feet too.

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xx Eddie

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  1. Henriette Roued-Cunliffe

    I think you should. It's non-creepy and a little cheeky and it could be a boy or a girl I guess. or both 😉 depending on the weather! Also it's soft and fairly small – so perfect for a 1 year old.

  2. Helene Agerskov Rose

    I love that doll, maybe that's the model to get for my son.