Fibre Challenge: bobbin lace map and flower

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In 2010 Hampshire Weavers, Spinners and Dyers Guild did a challenge where you received 3 different types of fibre (20g each). There was an animal fibre (white merino), a plant fibre (white ramie) and a mineral fibre (teal and purple mixed nylon). I knew that I wanted to do something with spinning and with bobbin lace.

Flower bobbin lace brooch under way
Flower bobbin lace brooch

The flower is made using a Flower Brooch pattern from Gilian Dye’s Beginning Bobbin Lace. It is made with handspun and 2 plied ramie and nylon.

Bobbin lace map of Hampshire
Bobbin lace map of Hampshire

The map of Hampshire is based on a map from Thomas Moule’s The County Maps of Old England. The map is from 1830. I used the nylon for the coast line, merino for the railway and ramie to fill it out.

Both were really fun projects that I never would have done if it hadn’t been for the challenge. As for the fibers, I already spin a lot of merino and that’s fine. The ramie was not too much fun to spin to be honest. But the nylon was surprisingly easy to spin. It felt horrible and I expected it to be horrible to spin. But it wasn’t at all.

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  1. Dawn

    Your lace is soooo good and the map is genius!!!

    • eddieduckling

      Thanks Dawn!
      Much appreciated.

      Take care,