First Film in the Darkroom

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Contact sheet from my first film (A), an Ilford ISO400, HP5 Plus (24 pics)

090715_BW_0007090715_BW_0008I have just been to the Media Workshop’s Darkroom course and have developed my first picture in more than 8 years. I went to the course mainly to refresh my memory before I begin going to the workshop on my own. However, I have learnt a lot of new stuff in just two evenings. When I learnt to develop black/white in my teenage years it was mostly a question of developing as many of my own photos as possible. It might be because of the last 8 years of taking digital photos that has made me loose interest in printed pictures so now I can concentrate more on the development process. I learnt tonight how to add a filter to change contrast and how to develop areas of a photo more or less by giving it 5sec more and covering up bits of the image with a waving hand. Very fun!
Can’t wait till tomorrow and being able to develop the medium format film from the no. 2 Brownie.