Eddie’s Pickled Beetroots

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I love pickled beetroots. Nothing is better than freshly baked rye bread with warm leverpostej (Danish pate) and homemade pickled beetroots on top. However,  as I currently am residing in the United Kingdom and pickled beetroots are a bit hard to come by – oh who am I kidding I wouldn’t eat store pickled beetroots even if I was payed to do it. So back to the purpose of this article: Making your own pickled beetroots!

2kg beetroots from Winchester farmers marketWhen doing anything with beetroots always begin by putting your rubber gloves on. It is a real pain to run around for several days afterward with pink fingers.

Wash the beetroots and cut the ends of.

Put them in a pot of water and added some salt.

The peeled beetrootsI boiled them for quite a while. Don’t try to boil them till they get soft because they won’t – they are not potatoes! Boil them till you can put a fork into them and they feel non-raw. Sorry I know this is not very helpful but it is difficult to describe. Basically if any of the big ones feel raw in the middle then give them some more otherwise you will have raw pickled beetroots and well unless that is a favorite of yours I wouldn’t do it. Trust me I tried and it wasn’t very good. Another time I tried baking them and they where probably a bit overdone but this was actually preferable in comparison with the raw ones.

So when you believe them to be done tip the whole thing out into the sink and pour loads of cold water over them. That way the skin will easily come of when you (still with your rubber gloves on) peel them.

Beetroots cut 5cm wideThen you cut them all into slices that are c. 5mm wide and put them into your jars or whatever you are going to store them in.
A bit about storage: If you are going to eat them within a couple of weeks I would say you don’t need to think about preservation too much. Keep them in the fridge and the vinegar will do the rest. But do store them in glass containers or you will find that your nice Tupperware is pink for the rest of it’s life.

The vinegar is basically a mixture of vinegar and spices set to boil for 1 min and the left for about 2 hours to cool down. The recipe for the vinegar is as follows for about 2kg beetroots:

  • 1.5L vinegar – I used pickling vinegar and a dash of red wine vinegar
  • A note on vinegar:
    I have a recipe that says use malt or wine vinegar which I tried one day. I used cider vinegar for one portion and red wine vinegar for another and boy where they strong. John loved them but I found them a bit too much. Pickling vinegar is also good but I find that it may become to boring so I spice it up with a dash of something stronger like in this case red wine vinegar.

    Spices to use accourding to a recipe I have

  • 1 tbsp coriander seeds – I did use that
  • 1tbsp peppercorns – Also used that
  • 10 cloves – Forgot that
  • 1 bay leaf – Used that
  • I also added a couple of cardamom seeds and some juniper berries for the simple reason that I had them lying around and that I like them. I also ended up adding some chopped garlic cloves.
    So basically it all depends on the mood your in and what time of year it is. Last christmas I tries putting the cloves in with aniseed and a cinnamon stick. Unfortunately you couldn’t taste it because this was the batch where I had used pure red wine vinegar.

  • Finally you can add some sugar – my recipe says 250g – this time I probably used about 200 ml

And that’s it I guess – leave then for about a couple of days and then start to eat from them. Enjoy!