Friday finds – more sweaters

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Stack of sweaters

OK you have me, I’m obsessed with sweaters at the moment. But I don’t wear all of them though. I make yarn from them. I really love doing this, even though John is getting pretty tired of having the sweaters all over the place and boy do they get all over the place. Bits of sweater fluff everywhere! Oh well.
I do use the yarn, for this Echo Flower Shawl among others, so I think it is fair enough. What do you think? Have you tried extending your yarn stash with some recycled sweater yarn?

Brown merino blouse

This Friday’s catch on my thrifting round included this brown merino blouse. It’s a women’s blouse so there is not as much yarn in it as there could have been.

Green Lambswool sweater

This green lambswool is full of lovely thick yarn. It’s the first time I am going to unravel a thick sweater.

Green silk/wool cardigan

OK now you are thinking – has she gone crazy. Trying to unravel a cardigan is just asking for trouble. But, I tell you this cardigan is weirdly made all in one. Have you seen this before? I haven’t! So I will give it a try and let you know how it goes.

Rosa wool blouse

I have a thing for Rosa even though I don’t think of myself as a pink kinda gal. For me rosa is not pink and I dare you to say that it is! It’s just plain old slightly thicker wool but I think it will make for lovely socks.

7 Responses


    Could you explain to me how you unravel these sweaters, maybe post a tutoral on your blog, this is very interesting to me

  2. inexpertcrafter

    Oh, and why is everything you find in my beloved greens, pinks and greys?

    • eddieduckling

      I’m loving the handbag.

      And yes they are all from P high street. I don’t know about beady eye though – it’s all about going through a whole rack of acrylics to find that one natural fibre blouse – and then it often turns out to have bad seams.

      But I was thinking of doing a little morning of making your own yarn one friday – maybe you want to join?

      We can start by going shopping for sweaters and then take them back and learn to unpick them. How about it?


      • inexpertcrafter

        Genius! That is indeed a brilliant idea.

        • eddieduckling

          Cool – let’s talk about it on Friday!

  3. inexpertcrafter

    Did you get these babies on Portswood High St? I am so envious of your beady eye, and your ability.