Friday Finds: patterns, stash and a book on birds

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Vintage sewing pattern wall art from Shelley Inspired

This batch of Friday Finds includes two patterns. The first is just for a dress I find cute but the second is for some Vogue trousers. At the moment I still believe that I will make trousers with this pattern but even if I never do i found this great little idea of framing pattern covers on Shelley Inspired via The Decorologist and Pinterest.

Refashion stash

I also bought these two shirts and a sweater for my refashioning stash. The blue silk shirt gave me an idea for another refashion I am doing with a top. I would have loved to be able to unravel the sweater but alas it is too felted for that. So I am thinking about it for a cardigan refashion because I do so love the colour.

Refashion stash

Refashion stash

Finally, we have the garden birds book. When I first opened this I was struck by all the drawings of birds so it has gone to my book/paper stash for furniture refashions. John loves birds so maybe I will make something for him out of it.


4 Responses

  1. eddieduckling

    Tak Ida, Det er en rigtig god ide. Hmm! Du har fået gang i tankerne.  Eddie

  2. ida

    Hej – bare en idé jeg har tumlet med et stykke tid. Når jeg engang kan få samlet mig sammen til at opsøge en/flere genbrugsbutikker vil jeg se efter uldtrøjer som kan syes om til uldnederdel.. det kunne være så rart om vinteren med noget uldent om de nedre dele…. ide til din sweater er hermed givet videre.. IDA

  3. Portia

    You did really, really good!! Can’t wait to see your efashions on these!Px

    • eddieduckling

      Thanks Portia, I can’t wait to get stuck in with them either.  Eddie