I am very passionate about family history and I wish I had more time to do more of this. My research so far covers my Danish and my husbands British family. I have several family tree databases. One for each of the 4 parts of my family and one for my husbands family altogether. All five databases are open to the public for all non-sensitive material about people who are deceased. There is no need to ask for a login as I won’t grant access to sensitive information to anyone outside the family.

You can see the public family trees here.

  • The Roued family (Denmark, Sweden and USA)
  • The Nielsen family (Denmark and Germany)
  • The Gjerlevsen family (Denmark)
  • The Olsen family (Denmark)
  • The Cunliffe family (UK)

You are very welcome to contact me about my family history, your family history and any family history we may have in common.

Geneaology blog posts

Pie Eaters lace shawl patter, by Eddie's Room | www.roued.com

Pie Eaters shawl

download now From the dark mines of the North I bring you this versatile rectangular ...
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Map of Sønderby

Sønderby in Grindsted – a geographical overview

The Sønderby area south of Grindsted is the area where my Grandfather's Grandmother Kirsten Marie ...
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Roued family

Stuck with genealogy

At the moment I am teaching a course of evening school classes about genealogy on ...
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Randbøl - Glimt af et hedesogns historie - bind I

Review “Randbøl – Glimt af et hedesogns historie”

N. M. Schaiffel-Nielsen Randbøl - Glimt af et hedesogns historie Two books: I (2000) and II (2001), ...
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Bess – a grand name, a grand dame

Those who know my family know that our daughter is nick-named Bess. Despite this being ...
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Gravestone for J.A. Christensen and Anna M. Christensen at Læborg Churchyard

The inheritance from America

I have been promising to write up this story for a while now. You could also call ...
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Kjersten Marie Hansen f¿dt Roued, Hans Anton Hansen. Bedstefor¾ldre til Dinne

US census access on Ancestry – now up till 1940s

This weekend (till the 3rd September) Ancestry.com has announced a free access to the US ...
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Off to see the Lion Locomotive

Yesterday it was my mother-in-laws birthday and she wanted to go and see the Lion ...
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