Getting the hang of being a refashionista!

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Well I’m not sure I am quite there yet. I made a piece the other day which I am not entirely sure how to categorize. But maybe that’s the fun of refashioning clothes – to take it out of the usual categories.

You can see what I did on the cork board below. I took a knitted blouse that I had grown tired of and a pair of linen trousers, which were pretty see-through. I combined them by moving the ribbed bit up and adding the linen fabric around the tummy. I came up with the button fastener at the last minute and added some hand stitching in a very contrasty colour. I wore it the other day and it does look nice over a pair of jeans.

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  1. […] When it was all done and poured into the jars I wanted to make some labelled cloth tops. I had some left over fabric from a pair of trousers that I had used in other refashions last year. The top and zip were used in my berry skirt and parts of the legs were used in this blouse.  […]