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Its getting close now – both Christmas, the New Year and the bump becoming a real life baby. The last thing is still too surreal to understand. I have been preparing and nesting for months but I still don’t really ‘get’ that there is going to be this little human being in our lives. But I am nearly ready to be over with this whole pregnancy thing – its getting old! My hands and feet are swollen and my fingers have stopped functioning as they used to, making it difficult to sew and near impossible to knit. Luckily I have friends and family who have been making such wonderful things for the bump and today I want to show it all off a bit.

baby blanket 5

Yesterday I opened the postbox to find a parcel from my friend Elseline. In it I found this wonderful baby blanket that she has woven. If you are on Ravelry you can see the project there. It has been woven with Baby Superwash from Bouton d’Or and Hand-dye Effect by Regia and can be washed in the machine, yeah! Thank you so much Elseline!


I have previously been showing off my sisters baby clothes sewing. Here is a bit more of it because she has recently sent her entire stash of baby clothes with us home. Its kind of a gift and kind of not! We have the agreement that we will use it for now and then she gets it back together with out baby clothes stash when she has a baby. But there is so much wonderful clothes amongst it. Thanks sis!


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  1. Eddie

    Thank you Debbie, The hands are not much better but I have learn’t to cope with them.

  2. debbie

    I love the baby clothes Eddie, they are so sweet. The blanket is lovely and a refreshing change from overly cutesey baby accessories. Hope the hands aren’t too painful. I will be thinking of you over the next weeks and am sending you lots of good wishes.x