Gifts for the gardener

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There is a huge focus on buying handmade this year for Christmas. The Australian blog Knicky Knacks has put out a Handmade Christmas Challenge. She says: “I’ve decided to make a pledge in support of all those brilliantly crafty bloggers out there by purchasing gifts that are only handmade.” She also encourages everyone else to grab her button and join the challenge. You can register your challenge creation or discovery every Saturday on her blog.

‘Gifts for the’ is something I have been wanting to do for a while and what better time to do this than coming up to the holidays. Most of us will want to give gifts to the people in our lives, so why not have a go at making some cool handmade items. This first post is about gifts for the gardener in your life. I will begin with a short tutorial showing you something I have made for the gardeners in my life and then I will follow this up with a couple of other ideas and tutorials to help make these when I can find them.

Recycled spoon garden markers
This is a simple little tutorial showing you how to make your own beautiful spoon garden markers. You will need a spoon of course. Some paper to cut out and draw on, a pencil, water-colours and an ink-marker to make your design, art fixative to make sure your design isn’t ruined when you varnish it and last but not least some varnish to glue the paper to the spoon and cover the design to protect and create a nice finish. As you will see below some of my spoons have been bent. If you decide to do this remember to glue the design onto the spoon upside-down.

Spoon garden markers for mint and basil
Parsley spoon garden marker - if you bend the spoon remember to turn the design upside-down
Lettuce by cmkalina on Flickr

Hammered spoon garden markers

Another option when making garden markers is to hammer/stamp your message onto recycled silverware. Below you will find a couple of tutorials showing you how to do this:

Plant Support
Every gardener needs support for their plants. Have a go at building a wigwam from willow or any other material you happen to have.

Hollywood Garden Apron by carbonated on Flickr

Gardening Apron
Why not make a lovely gardeners apron. I’m sure it will be appreciated. You get a chance to use left over pieces of fabric to make pockets for the gardener to store seeds and tools.

Do you have more ‘making gifts for the gardener’ tips to share. Comment below and I will add them to the post.

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  1. Deb Vlahakis

    Love love love these!

  2. Goodmans Landscape

    What a cool idea for using an old spon as a gift idea for a gardener.. Now all I have to do is share this article with people who are going to be giving me gifts this year as a hint! 😉