Going to WDYTYA

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Last Saturday John and I had a great but extremely tiring day at the Who Do You Think You Are live show at the Olympia in London.
What did we we there? Well first of all I had a great chat with Marie Foden from First for Family History at the APG Association of Professional Genealogists) stand and Angela Aldam from Family Folios at the AGRA (Association of Genealogists and Researchers in Archives) stand about what it is like to be a professional genealogist. If that was all I ended up doing that day I would have gone away happy, but there was much more.
John had a little excursion of his own to the Military pavilion to see if he could learn more about his Grandfathers in WWII and he brought their military memorabilia. He came thinking that at least one of his Grandfathers has been in the RAF and went away with the knowledge that he had instead been in the Transport Corp. He thinks that the idea of the RAF came from his Grandfather talking about working with airplanes. As a child he might have extrapolated this to become working with spitfires and from here came the idea that he was in the RAF. But now we know that this was not the case.
While he was off doing this I went to the FindmyPast stand and had a good look through the 1911 census. I will do a separate post about this.
We also talked to a lovely lady, known as Dotty, from the N. Meols (Southport) FHS, who encouraged me to get onto their forum with my questions about the Longton/Bartons from Scarisbrick. She also taught me how to say Scarisbrick!
Finally, we managed to buy some different family history paraphernalia along the way. We got a big family tree chart and quite a few old maps (see below). We got some specific maps for Wigan and Ince and some larger old maps for the Liverpool/Manchester area.