Going to Who Do You Think You Are show!

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My husband and I are moving to from the UK to Denmark this summer and this had made me want to do those big shows that we just don’t seem to have over there. Last year I got stuck into my husbands side of the family (the Cunliffes) and began doing family research in the UK. This was very exciting as all my previous research has been done in Denmark.

So now the Who Do You Think You Are show is only a couple of days away and I need to start thinking of what I want to get out of the day. I would like to find out a bit more about occupations in the Cunliffe family and I would also like to explore my own family’s American story a bit more as I think this is easier in the UK than it is in Denmark.

So here is a list of what I want to look closer at:

Coming to America:

I want to find out when and how and maybe even why Elene Kristine Roued immigrated to the US. Later censuses say it was in 1888 which makes her 18 years old. She doesn’t marry her Swedish husband in Chicago until 1894 when she is 24. So why does an 18 year old Danish/German girl go to America without any of her family? Was she alone? Was someone with her? Did she go straight to Chicago and did she meet her future husband there? So many questions and I am hoping to find someone at WDYTYA who can point me in the right direction. I have already been looking through ship records but haven’t found her anywhere yet.

Find out about Albert Ramsdale and his father Albert and their connection to the railways.

  • Albert Ramsdale was  a railway driver on the Springs Branch for British Rail. There is a great photo of him on Wigan World from 1980 driving the L&M Lion for the Rainhill celebration, but in the different books about Springs Branch where I have looked I find no mention of Albert.
  • Alberts father, Albert Ramsdale was a Railway Foreman according to the family stories. When he marries Clare Eastham in 1916 he is listed as a Stoker. But again I can’t find anything about him. He also worked in Wigan but before the Nationalization.  As you can see on the map there were quite a few railway companies going through Wigan.
  • James Ramsdale (Albert’s father) started out as a coal miner in his teens in Westleigh. He then married Catherine Lyon and together they moved to Ince-in-Makerfield where he begun to work for the railway. He is listed as Loco Engine Stoker in 1891 (age 29) and Engine Driver 1901 and 1906 (age 39-44).

Cotton industry:

You will notice that this is all young girls (only one is over 20), but that they occur in several different family branches. I would love to find out which factories they worked in and find out a bit more about what they did. Maybe even find some record of them.

Workers in the mines:

There are also quite a few mine workers I have found so far. Again i would like to find out where they worked – what it entailed. Maybe even some records of them.

  • Thomas Cunliffe was mentioned as Collier in 1852,  Collier in 1861, Miner 1871, Miner 1876 and Coal Miner 1881 in Wigan. He was working in the mines from 1851-1881 (age 25-54).
  • Henry Cunliffe (Thomas’ nephew) was mentioned in 1871, age 18 census as a miner in Wigan.
  • James Cunliffe (Thomas’ son) was mentioned as a Miner in 1871, Collier in 1876, Fire Dampman in Coal Mine in 1881, Coal Miner in 1891, Coal Miner Hewer in 1901, Collier 1908 in Ince-in-Makerfield, Wigan. He was working in the mines from 1871-1908 (age 14-51).
  • Thomas Cunliffe (James’ son) was Labourer at Coal Mine in 1891, age 14 in Ince-in-Makerfield.
  • William Cunliffe (James’ son) was Labourer in Coal Mine in 1891 and Coal Miner Hewer in 1901 in Ince-in-Makerfield (age 12-22).
  • Henry Cunliffe (James’ son) was Rolly Hooker Coal Mine Below Ground in Ince-in-Makerfield in 1901 (age 14) and probably up til he entered Loyal North Lancashire Regiment
  • Henry Eastham was Collier in 1889, Coal Miner in 1891, and they went on to own a Fish and Chips shop.
  • James Lyon was Coal Miner in Westleigh in 1881 (age 62) – he was probably working in the mines since he was around 15 but I just haven’t found him yet.
  • James Ramsdale was Coal Miner in Westleigh in 1881 (age 19). He then moved to Ince-in-Makerfield where he begins to work for the railway.

Shop keepers:

  • Henry Eastham is listed as a Fish and Potatoe Dealer at 222 Manchester Road, Ince, Wigan. He is still a shop keeper at this address in the directory of 1916.

Other work:

Farm workers:

  • Arthur Baldwin was a Cattleman On Farm in Adlington in 1901 (age 18).

Military Service:

  • Rodney Eastham (3rd Battalion, Grenadiers Guarde) Killed 31 July 1917 ?(Age 21)? France & Flanders
  • Henry Cunliffe (10th Battalion, Loyal North Lancashire Regiment) Killed 28 April 1917 ?(Age 31)? France & Flanders