Graduating from my Oxford DPhil

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It finally happened, the day I have been waiting for since 2008 (or really since I was a teenager). I graduated from my DPhil (PhD) from University of Oxford. It was a fantastic day. We went to Oxford my parents, husband, daughter and I for the weekend. My in-laws came down to look after my daughter while we went to the ceremony and they had a wonderful time together in the Ashmolean Museum.
The ceremony was held at the iconic Sheldonian Theatre and was a very formal and solemn experience. Oh and cold. All of us who were graduating in person this day walked from our colleges to the theatre in our subfusk. I should really have brought a black jacket to wear over my white shirt. My old robe was sleeveless and I was so cold. But as soon as I got into my new red wool robe I was toasty warm.
When I sat down in the theatre I at once began scanning faces to find my husband and parents. But they were nowhere to be found which could only mean that they were sitting in the upper circle right above me.
My mother, who is not one for crying, even shed a tear. The whole occasion really made me think a lot about my own daughter and my hopes and wishes for her future.

My mother and I in Oxford
After the ceremony we popped over to my college, Brasenose, for drinks and a chat and then we went out to eat at a lovely Thai restaurant off the High Street (Chang Mai Kitchen).
Even though the main focus of the weekend was the graduation ceremony it was also just nice to be back in Oxford and the UK. It was so much fun traveling with my daughter, Bess, at the age she has now (nearly 2). One of the real highlights of the trip was definitely dinner at Jamie Oliver’s Italy. I knew that the food would be great but I hadn’t expected it to be as child-friendly as it turned out to be. The waitress was so attentive and friendly towards Bess. We decided that for the first time she should try having her own meal instead of having a selection of ours, like we usually do when out to eat. Mainly because the kids menu looked delicious. So much so that the rest of us were sampling her salmon fishfingers. Yummy!
She had an amazing time there and so did we. Thank you Jamie’s Oxford staff 🙂